Sierra® Intro Kit (Gold)

Sierra® Intro Kit  (Gold)

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Sierra™ Ballpoint introductory Kit Upgrade Gold - Five Ballpoint Pens and Bushings

To order the the items - Click below on the related items link.

If you do not have the complete Arbor plus mandrel & Brass Knurled Nut - You will also need this to make this kit

Product Code: Sierra_intro_kit_gold


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Code Name Price Qty
0502_TL Bushing 20A $3.99
RP_Bushings_RP20A RP Bushings- RP20A $4.00
drill_twenty_seven_sixty_four Drill Bit (27/64) Standard bit $6.00
SHAFT-1 Mandrel Shaft A $8.00
Brass-Knurled-Nut Brass Knurled Nut $1.50

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