Elegant Sierra® Gunmetal and Chrome

Elegant  Sierra® Gunmetal and Chrome

Elegant Sierra® Gunmetal and Chrome



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Product Details

Top pen is Gunmetal and Chrome
Bottom pen is Chrome and Gunmetal

This new kit is a very special variations of our Sierra™ Ballpoint.  We have used Chrome or Satin Chrome to replace the black enamel on the standard Sierra and then done the  other parts in Chrome on one kit and in Satin Chrome on the other kit.

These are very special looking kits that have a very expensive look.

  • Extremely easy to make - one tube - straight side, pre assembled parts, The easiest pen to make that we have ever designed
  • Well balanced for comfort and ease of writing
  • Uses premium Parker type refill including gel refills
  • Very attractive elegant shape

  • Kit Requirements

    Bushings Needed:
    Drill Sizes Used:
    Extra Tubes:
    Mandrel Used:


    Finish (Plating): Misc
    Refill Type: Parker Style

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