Mini Keyring Stylus Chrome

Mini Keyring Stylus Chrome

Mini Keyring Stylus Chrome



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Product Details

Our New Mini Keyring Stylus is one of the most simple and versatile of our products. The omnidirectional inductive tip adapts to any writing style. The stylus keeps your touch-screen free of fingerprints and smudges as it gives increased control over any touch-screen operation. It's perfect for sketching, drawing, gaming and photography apps, or any use where you need a finer degree of control than your fingers can offer. It has a very firm touch and great input for the Iphone™, Ipad™ or other similar touch panel devices.
Here are some other features:
• Stylus tip screw on/off and can be used on other 7mm style pen kits.
• Stylus tips available in different colors.
• Round stylus end, only 6.5mm (differs from those of other similar styli, usually 8mm), to touch the point on panel that you wish precisely, won't cover unnecessary parts on the touching panel.
• Flexible and durable excellent quality rubber tip (other similar stylus tips are too soft) and more sensitive.
• Excels in the fact that even wearing thick ski gloves, the stylus still works perfectly and smoothly.
• Comes with a special fitting that can be plugged in the audio port of the touch panel device so that you will always have your Mini Stylus at hand.
• Durable nylon lanyard for strength and dependability.

You will need the following to make this kit.
Mandrel Shaft A - 8.00
Bushing #1A - 3.99
Drill Bit (Letter J) - $6.00

To order the items - Click below on the related items link.
If you do not have the complete Arbor plus mandrel & Brass Knurled Nut - You will also need this to make this kit.

Kit Requirements

Bushings Needed:
Drill Sizes Used:
Extra Tubes:
Mandrel Used:


Blank Size: 3/4 x 3/4 x 2
Tubes: 1

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