Stabilizing Starter Set

Stabilizing Starter Set

Stabilizing Starter Set



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Stick Fast Stabilizing Starter Set

Contains: 3.5 quart chamber, vacuum generator, 32 oz of resin + catalyst, and 5 color dye kit.

* Resin: Methacrylate Ester base. It can fill voids and penetrate thick wood if it is relatively soft and porous, which is what the stabilizing resin is for. There is no need to stabilize hardwood.

* Heat range: 190-200 to cure You can use a toaster Oven or even hot water to cure.

* Vacuum generator will generate approx. 25" with compressed "air in" at 85 psi and approx. 21" at 70 psi. This can vary, depending on altitude/barometric pressure. Higher pressure up to 95 psi results in greater vacuum volume. Do not exceed 27"

Stabilizing Resin Dye Kit - 5 Colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Violet, and Black

Powdered dyes let you adjust the intensity of the color you are creating

Attaches to air compressor to create vacuum.

Ships to 48 contiguous states. This item must ship via UPS est. $25.00

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