About Berea Hardwoods

The Berea Hardwoods Co. Inc. was founded in 1980 as a mail order seller of high quality exotic wood and figured wood. The company's founder perceived a need for a very reliable and knowledgeable supplier. His perception proved correct as the company grew by supplying amateur cabinetmakers as well as small professional shops. The business expanded into specialty areas such as instrument woods, custom knife woods, woods for rifle stocks, woods for pool cue makers, etc. Eventually the company became involved in supplying a new growing market - wood turners. The Berea Hardwoods Co. searched the world to find new and interesting turning woods. The company pioneered importation of Australian turning woods and other unique situations. We continue today to supply rare and unusual woods, rare figure types, and turning wood and burls.

In the late 1980's a chance meeting with a Taiwan businessman, Mr. Frank Cho, President and owner of G.E. Products led us to a new idea for turners-making pens from wood. A formal and exclusive business partnership was established. After developing this idea for local sale, the Company felt that a strong national market existed. We began engineering and designing pens for kit makers as well as tooling to make these kits. The same approach the Company took with wood was applied to pen kits, that is, to sell only a high quality product with knowledgeable service. Since this beginning we have pioneered numerous innovations, such as screw cap pen kits, titanium gold and black titanium plating, the double mandrel, the use of delrin, solid sterling silver kits, and many more. We continue to design original kits with superior engineering rather than simply buy generic parts.

We stay committed to offering superior wood, pen kits and service. We are committed to continuous improvement. The original motto we adopted over 25 years ago still applies, "It's a matter of pride for both of us"

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