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Technical Support

Technical Support

The crafting of quality pens from our quality kits is straightforward and relatively simple. Pen crafting can be an enjoyable, rewarding and fun experience. All of our kits have been thoroughly tested and many have been sold for over 14 years. Pen crafting is, however, LEARNED. The process requires Practice and Willingness to Learn.

In the vast majority of cases where difficulties are encountered in making a kit, an error has been made by the pen-crafter. It is not usually an error with the kit.

We are here to help you if difficulties occur

Please take advantage of our Technical Support Team and CALL US TOLL FREE - 1-877-736-5487 or EMAIL at

Click here to see some helpful hints for crafting quality pens.

Click here to see some helpful hints on Fountain Pen Care and Usage for crafting quality Fountain pens.

Crafter Program

This program is a mix and match quantities for the best quantity price program. This applies to only kits and not to introductory kits or other products. Example: if you order 10 each of 6 kits you would pay the 60 quantity price for each kit rather then the 10 quantity price. A crafter regularly buys 50 to 150 kits at a time. The minimum purchase quantity per order is 50 kits. The maximum discount is the 100 price.