El Grande™ Fountain Pen - Black Titanium

El Grande™  Fountain Pen - Black Titanium

El Grande™ Fountain Pen - Black Titanium



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Product Details

Black titanium is very unique and incredibly durable plating. Black titanium is STUNNING. The black titanium seems to change colors when moved under light, from black to smoky gray to silver. (Photos cant properly show this effect; the pen must be seen.) Overall a beautiful and unique effect.

The following kits are the same as our standard gold plated model but are plated in Black Titanium (titanium oxide) and chrome.You will need the following to make this kit:

Mandrel Shaft B - 8.00
Bushing Set #16B - 3.99
Drill Bit (33/64) - $20.00
Drill Bit (31/64) - $10.00

To order the the items - Click below on the related items link.

If you do not have the complete Arbor plus mandrel & Brass Knurled Nut - You will also need this to make this kit

Kit Requirements

Bushings Needed:
Drill Sizes Used:
Extra Tubes:
Mandrel Used:


Blank Size: 3/4 x 3/4 x 5
Finish (Plating): Black Titanium
Length of Pen: 5-3/8 closed
Refill Type: Fountain

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