Personal Initial Pen System 10 Letters

Personal Initial Pen System 10 Letters

Personal Initial Pen System 10 Letters



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Using the new PIPS products YOU CAN PUT INITIALS IN A PEN QUICKLY AND EASILY. Specially drilled finials allow you to put two letters in the cap of selected pen kits. The two letters can be glued in place for a permanent set of initials. This takes about 30 seconds.
* Fits all flat to kits including the flat top letter opener & magnifying glass.
* Fits the El Grande kits.
* Classic monogram look - very attractive.
* Easy and fast - no tools necessary.
* Enhance the look of the pen.
* Can be done with the customer present.
* Added value to the pen - monetary and personal.
Includes 10 letters of your choice. For example - Left A and or Right A

General Informationall letters except X, O,I or H must be ordered as left of right. for example the letters JP would be ordered left J and right P.

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