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We are proud to introduce our new Artist Designed Series of pen blanks and pen blank molds. These colorful and unique blanks are produced by hand in small batches by local (Ohio) pen makers and artists.Each pen blank is unique and attractive. They are made from polyester resin (unless otherwise noted).

Check back here often as our line-up will change over time as these are not massed produced.

Artist Designed Series Pen Blanks

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This program is a mix and match quantities for the best quantity price program. This applies to only kits and not to introductory kits or other products. Example: if you order 10 each of 6 kits you would pay the 60 quantity price for each kit rather then the 10 quantity price. A crafter regularly buys 50 to 150 kits at a time. The minimum purchase quantity per order is 50 kits. The maximum discount is the 100 price.