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Love it
Thomas Collins (Texas) | December 2nd, 2019
I want more. Nice looking easy to do and fun.
ElGrande Fine Point Fountain Pen nib
Ed Samsen (Carlsbad, CA) | November 29th, 2019
I bought this nib to convert a Roller Ball pen I made into the fountain pen a purchaser wanted....with a fine point. El grande was easy to turn and assemble conversion even simpler
Sharon A (Colorado) | November 27th, 2019
This is a very nice box - elegant but simple. They need to put some specifications (and a different photo) on the website so you know the difference between this one and the regular size though. Thanks guys - nice box!
Pen maker
Randall Humphrey (Kernersville NC) | November 25th, 2019
Awesome pen. Great hand feel.
Love this box - elegant but simple
Sharon A (Colorado) | November 25th, 2019
This is a lovely box. More specifications are needed on the website, but it's a nice looking and well made box. Also, putting a different picture for the regular size and the jumbo would be a great help!
Sells well
Warren Clifford Meyer (Oregon) | November 23rd, 2019
I sell quite a few of these for &10.00 each. People buy them for either anointing oil or essential oils.
Nice Weight & Balance
Mark Ross (Batavia, NY) | November 9th, 2019
I purchased my first Atrax pen and I am pleased. It has a size and heft similar to a cigar pen. During assembly, be sure that you put the transmission extension on carefully & straight. Otherwise, assembly is not difficult. I purchased the gun metal set. Be aware that the gun metal finish is darker than the photo on the web site shows.
Good quality pen
Mark Ross (Batavia, NY) | November 9th, 2019
This is a good looking, quality pen, that is fairly easy to turn and assemble. Made my first one for my grandson who is a volunteer firefighter. It was well received. I recently made 4 more for an upcoming craft show.
Great Pen Kit
TC (Conroe.tx) | November 8th, 2019
Very affordable and everyone loves them
easy to make
Jerry (texas) | October 31st, 2019
I have made a few of these pens and used wood blanks. They are so easy to assemble and really make a wooden blank pop.
Best Selling
Tom (Bowling Green, KY) | October 28th, 2019
This lever action pen along with the rifle crate is one of the best selling pens at every show. A real easy money maker...
Attention getter!
Carol (TX) | October 21st, 2019
Great gift for the tech crowd. Quality components and circuit board barrel make this a unique pen.
Creative Pen Treasures
Alexander OSTAPOWICZ (Ohio) | October 21st, 2019
This is one beautiful pen when completed. Make sue to follow instruction. It is a one tube 10.5 mm construction. Fountain pens with the bold nib write exceptionally wee and the roller ball is a Schmidt refill (one of the best)). A real stunner when done right. Five Star!!
Nice pens.
David Day (Kansas) | October 11th, 2019
These pens have a single longer tube. Very easy to assemble.
Handy Nut
David (Sunnyvale, CA) | October 6th, 2019
Well machined. No burrs, Threads nicely finished.
Well machined
David (Sunnyvale, CA) | October 6th, 2019
No issues with this #2 Morse taper arbor. It is well finished, no burrs, and fits properly into my head stock.
Perfect fit
David (Sunnyvale, CA) | October 6th, 2019
The "B" size mandrel is a perfect fit for Berea's "B" sized bushings. I found no slop when sliding the bushings onto this mandrel. My only issue is that the mandrel could be about 1/2" longer. When I mounted two 2" blanks with associated bushings there was only just enough threads exposed on the end to slip on a brass knurled nut.
An Incredible Kit
Noah (California) | October 1st, 2019
This kit is truly incredible to assemble and is absolutely stunning.
Woodturners Shop
David Brandt (SD) | September 25th, 2019
Several of the kits contained inserts for the cushion grip tube that fit so loosely that they required gluing to keep them in the brass tube.
Note From Store Owner: Hi David, Thank you for your review. At times some parts may require glue or epoxy as they can be loose fitting. We do recommend using thread lock for this as it will not mar the finish. This should be done on all parts that you would not want to come apart as the person receiving the item will want to figure out how you made it. This will prevent the item from being dis-assembled. Thank you again for your review. The Berea Hardwoods Co. Inc.
Fitment issue
Zachary Acord (Dresden Maine) | September 24th, 2019
I really like the kit a lot but It’s needs work, many people have stopped buying this kit because of the clip issue. The ring on the clip is supposed to slide over the brass piece at the top of the pen and I can honestly say not 1 time has that worked without substantial sanding of said brass piece or filing of the clip ring. I like this kit a lot and so do many others but this needs correcting plz
Note From Store Owner: Hi Zachary, Thank you for your review. We believe you may be reading the instructions incorrectly. The clip will slide over the small end and not the large end. Hold the clip in place as you press this adaptor into the finial so it all lines up. Thannk you again for your review. The Berea Hardwoods Co. Inc.

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